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Well yesterday I just swapped my ASUS Rampage Extreme Mobo to a new case, it was working perfectly fine before the swap.

Now bad part is when turn the power on the PSU the LED lights blink like usual on the MOBO meaning it's getting power, but the LCD Poster continuously glows bright blue saying CPU INIT before I even press the power button to turn on the PC, and when I do press the power button nothing happens.

I already tried refitting my water block onto the CPU, tried using 1 stick of ram on all slots, checked if there were any bent pins does any one know a solution?
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  1. When you transferred the mobo to the other case, did you make sure to de-staticize yourself and the components? You might also want to check if you've installed everything properly.

    Failing that, I suggest you try breadboarding your components to see if there's something wrong with one of them, or with your installation.
  2. Seems weird I tried breadboarding, seems to boot up, but when I try to put back into the case it doesn't power up.
  3. When installing into the new case, are there risers only where they are needed to secure your motherboard?
  4. Yeah, put them at the right spots already
  5. you sure ur pins arent being shorted onto the case..?
  6. I have the same problem with my mobo, and i didn't moved out of the case.
    It worked perfectly for some time the one day i had to swtich off the pwer and psu 'cause av very very very bad weather. Wen i plugged the psu and the power again to the mobo it gave me that problem.

    I had no solution even resetting tyhe cmos even taking off the mobo battery for a complete cmos reset.

    I haven't found any better solution than to buy a different Mobo. I'm totoally bored about all the problem that this motherboard have, i think it is just to complex and not that strong, indeed 1 very little problem and puuuf you pc is no more!! I work with that pc either, i cannot afford any other stops.

    If anyone has a solution please post it btw i will change motherboard in any case.
  7. ^ are you trying to highjack the OP's thread?
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