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Quick question,

I just installed Windows 7 onto a new 60gb partition on my HDD alongside Vista, which is occupying the rest of the HDD. Windows Disk Management now won't let me format the Vista partition although I no longer require it. How can I format that space to use as storage?
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  1. Quick question is now urgent!

    I just marked the Windows 7 partition as the active partition but the Vista partition was the first partition so when I restart my laptop I now get BOOTMGR IS MISSING press ctrl+alt+del to restart.

    Is there anything I can do like change the partition it's trying to boot from?

    Help please!
  2. Sorry I mustn't have been clear enough. I created a new blank partition on the HDD, I then installed Windows 7 to it, thus having Vista and 7 on the same HDD but separate partitions. I then made the Windows 7 partition "active" through a context menu in Disk Management, now I can't boot.
  3. Use bootrec to fix it. (/fixboot)
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