CPU voltage Throttling??

I have an MSI 760GM-P35 board with it's most recent BIOS. Athlon II x2 250. The problem I'm experiencing is the CPU volts are going from 1.432 to 1.440 despite being set at 1.445 in the BIOS. C1E, Cool & Quiet, and Phase control are all turned off. (there are 2 "Cool & Quiets" in my bios oddly enough) I'm at 3700Mhz right now and it's about 95% stable. But setting the CPU volts higher doesn't seem to be having a direct effect on CPU-Z. I'm stumped. I've been through my BIOS over and over and can't figure out what might be doing it. My other thought was Win 7 is trying to throttle the volts, but I went through that as well and set Power Management to "Performance" and went through all the drop boxes in the Performance are and double checked they weren't trying to alter the CPU somehow. Any ideas? I have a TR2 Thermaltake 600 watt PSU.
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  1. You are experiencing the dreaded vdroop...Its actually very common.
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