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I upgrade my computer a while back and told my sister she could have my old hardware. However because she was using an old Dell box, my Motherboard will not fit in it. She finally got a new case and I have just connected it all up and started it up. The problem is that it starts up, but then nothing happens at all. The front panel LEDs turn on, the motherboards lights turn on, the fan spins, but thats it, nothing happens. I don't even touch the power button either, the moment I put the power cord in, the PC turns itself on, I can't turn it off with the power button either, I have to take the power cord back out. I have taken everything off the motherboard, including the CPU, unplugged everything so that its just the PSU and motherboard and it still does exactly the same thing. My sister only just bought the case that came with a new PSU. The motherboard was working fine when I stopped using it. What could be the issue?
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  1. This sticky was created to troubleshoot problems like yours:

    READ before posting about boot problems!

    I would also double check the front panel connections. They don't seem to be connected correctly if it's turning on automatically.
  2. I read that and I couldn't find my issue. The front panel connections make no difference. It starts up by itself even with no front panel connections plugged in. The only thing in that link that comes close is the one that says everything out except CPU and fan and it makes no sound. But mine starts up without the CPU in and still makes no sound. I have a system speaker plugged in and its not that because I have tried it plugged in both ways and it makes no difference.
  3. Did you perform the breadboarding step from the checklist? It sounds like something is shorting out. You should also follow the steps about trying each stick of RAM individually. The checklist was compiled from a lot of different users. If you follow every step in the checklist the chances are very good that you will find the solution to your problem. You need to do more than "read" it, though.
  4. Yeh, had a look at that, unfortunately as I said in my last post, it does not beep at all. Breadboarding won't make it beep. I have read around and it seems that if the computer start but it gives no beeps regardless of hat you may or may not have plugged in then the motherboard is dead.
  5. Evilince said:
    Yeh, had a look at that, unfortunately as I said in my last post, it does not beep at all. Breadboarding won't make it beep. I have read around and it seems that if the computer start but it gives no beeps regardless of hat you may or may not have plugged in then the motherboard is dead.

    I'm sorry, but I have to disagree with you on the fact that breadboarding won't help in your troubleshooting. No beep during startup can be caused by any number of problems. #2 on the checklist is the most common new builder mistake. Are you even sure you have a system speaker hooked up? Breadboarding will, in fact, make the system beep if your problem is a short. Breadboarding is just one step in narrowing down the possible causes of the problem. Problems like this are far more often caused by user error than faulty hardware. I wouldn't be so sure the motherboard is dead until you do some basic troubleshooting (actually perform all the steps in the checklist). You seem to think you've got it all figured out, though. Good luck!
  6. No offense here lol, but are you reading all of my posts or just the start and the beginning? I already stated I have a system speaker hooked up and that I went through the list you linked me too. Besides it doesn't matter now, I just bought my sister a new one 10minutes ago lol. I will go try the breadboarding now, I just don't see it helping my particular case.
    Thank you for your help, its much appreciated. =D
  7. I did read your post, but I've been trying to help multiple people this morning. I'm sorry I missed the part about already having a system speaker. I know you said you said you read the checklist, but a lot of people read through it without actually performing the steps.

    I'm sorry, I guess I get so many posts about the exact same problem that I get a little rushed in my responses. That's actually why the checklist was created in the first place. There used to be 20+ posts every day about computers that would power up but not display any video output. That's gone down to just a handful since the checklist was made into a sticky.
  8. Ok well I guess I will just have to eat my words. Took it out the case, plugged in cpu, started it and then 3 short beeps, put RAM and GPU in and plugged in monitor and now on screen its asking for HDD, seems like its working. So now that I have hung my head in shame, how can I put it back in the case and get it working properly?
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    3. Did you install the standoffs under the motherboard? Did you place them so that they all align with the screw holes in the motherboard, with no standoffs touching the board in the wrong place?

    I would guess that there's an extra standoff installed in the case that doesn't line up with a hole in the motherboard. You'll also want to check the back panel to make sure none of the little metal tabs are shorting into the USB or LAN ports on the motherboard.
  10. Haha wow, indeed there is one standoff installed that isnt needed. I looked passed that part as the case came without them installed and I installed them myself. It also explains why I thought there was one missing. The back panel isnt a worry as there isnt one :p. You have made my day =D. Hang my head in shame indeed. I guess we learn something new everyday. How can I rep you other than best answer?
  11. I'm glad you got it working!

    No additional thanks needed. :)

    You might want to remember to listen to the advice offered when coming to a tech forum asking for help. Some of us have been around the block a time or two. :)
  12. Indeed I will remember, In fact I will probably just ask you next time a problem occurs. That is if you are still here when that happens :P.
  13. I certainly don't deserve much credit here. There are a lot of knowledgeable people on these forums. The original checklist was created by Proximon. I just got his permission to add to/change it a little. There were also some additions made to the checklist as people posted new troubleshooting ideas. I copied the breadboarding section of the checklist from a post by jsc. If you have problems in the future just post a question here. Someone knowledgeable should help you out.
  14. Well you still helped me =)
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