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i am using toshiba hd and its showing cyclic redundancy error and m also nt able to format it...M USING WIN 7...PLS HELP!!!!!
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  1. Is this a new drive or one that you have been using? Make sure your sata cable is not loose on either end. You may want to try swapping sata cables.

    Also, is this a new system? Please list specs.
  2. Its a new systen hardly used once or twice...bt its warranty is collapsed...
    its toshiba 500 gb hard disk model no-HDDR500E04X
  3. Specification
    • Capacity: 500GB1
    • Interface: USB 2.0
    • Transfer Rate: Up to 480 Mb/s
    • Speed: 5,400 RPM
    • Average Seek Time: 12ms
    • Cache Buffer: 8MB
    • Size: 3.2” (W) X 0.65” (H) X 5.0” (D)
    • Color: Liquid Blue
    • Weight: 6 oz.
  4. its nt detecting in my computer and its only showing up in control panel in hardware devices-devices and printer in windows 7...pls help
  5. Ah, it's an external drive. It's possible that the enclosure is failing. If you are able, try removing the drive from the enclosure and attaching it to your motherboard (hopefully this isn't a laptop). If it works then, then the enclosure is faulty.
  6. there isnt an another solution without breaking an enclosure????? dere are no softwares that can repair this problem???
  7. Short of trying a different USB cable, none. All the elctronics and the drive are contained within the enclosure. If you can't eliminate the enclosure as being damged or not, then there is no way to tell if the drive is the problem. If the electronics in the enclosure can't communicate with the drive or computer, then no data can make it to the drive.
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