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I overclocked my cpu using amd overdrive inside of the CCC and I was wondering if this overclock is ok, im not to sure how to overclock a cpu, heres a pic in cpuz
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  1. Btw in cpuid it says it's drawing 126 Watts and the Maxt TDP says 125 is that fine?
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    First off lose AMD overdrive, uninstall it is a bunk program full of bugs....OC using the BIOS only...It is quite "easy" on that CPU.....BTW that OC is horrible voltage is way up ...Hell you could get it to 4.0 GHz at that voltage...
  3. Hi there
    I've got my 955 clocked at 3.5Ghz on multiplier alone

    But like was said above stick to bios not software

  4. NachoEmerson said:
    Btw in cpuid it says it's drawing 126 Watts and the Maxt TDP says 125 is that fine?

    Just.. What the hell are you talking about ????? :pt1cable: :hello:
  5. My cpu was using 126 watts but it's fine now, how do I change the multiplier in the BIOS?
  6. In BIOS under Advanced Features tab you should see the multi in there..
  7. I have a Sabertooth 990FX motherboard and it has a diffrent BIOS than what im used to and I couldnt find anything to do with the multiplier.
  8. The Phenom II CPU OC'ing tutorial at the link below may help.
  9. Ok so I found in the BIOS "CPU Ratio" and changed it from 16 to 17.5 and these are the results. Good or bad?
  10. The voltage is still way too high but the OC is fine.
  11. How do I change the voltage? In the BIOS it's set to auto right now, what should I set it to?
  12. Looks good to me, you can prob even turn it up a bit if you have aftermarket cooling. My 955 rig will go to 3.8 Ghz, with an AC 7 pro CPU cooler. Just keep it stable. If it starts glitching, turn your speed back down!
  13. take the multi to 20...change the voltage from offset to manual then enter in your desired value for x20 I'd say around 1.475v although you should take it up slowly
  14. How do I change the voltage, do I just type in the desired voltage? I put it from offset to manual and the voltage says auto.
  15. Yes type in the desired voltage
  16. When I type in the voltage I want it turns red and adds a bunch of zeros behind it, is it supposed to?
  17. just type in 1.35 then press will read like 1.3500000 should not be RED at that 1.4-1.49v it should be YELLOW...1.5-1.55v it should be RED
  18. you got pretty low clocks and pretty high voltage like others said.
    my C2 955 is running smooth at 3.7GHz with 1.3875v. I just cannot get it stable over 3.7 no matter what voltage I set it to.
    my HT and NB I always OC through the BIOS but for the CPU I use K10STAT now to set my own Power State Steps and it works perfect.
    power state step 1) 800MHz @ .9v
    step 2 & 3) 3.2GHz @ 1.25v
    step 4) 3.7GHz @ 1.3875
    NB: 2600MHz @ 1.2625v
    HT: default

    this is with a Hyper212+ cooler and it stays below 45° no matter what's goin on, usually in the 30s though. before on my stock cooler I had it at 3.6GHz with 1.365v and it got up to 58° sometimes during serious gaming and stress tests. with the stock cooler 3.7GHz just got too hot for me too fast.
  19. I have a Hyper212+ already but Im not looking for a big overclock just something small. Her'es what I came up with, look good?

    Also when I changed the voltage it turned purple not red I was mistaken
  20. @GObonzo---> Yeah K10STAT does work well for a software power save and OC tool...The GUI isn't the best and can be confusing when setting p-states for a beginner...but yes K10STAT I do trust as a reliable softOC tool.

    @Nacho...yeah purplish blue is the safe zone..I may be color blind though..BTW...I see you got it at the proper voltage now thats good
  21. looks like a nice safe overclock. if it's a C3 Revision Phenom 955 there's a good chance you can get the voltage even lower resulting in even lower temperatures (and lower power bill, lol). what temps are you getting now?
    are you planning on overclocking your North Bridge at all? it raised WEI scores a few points after reaching 2600+MHz.
  22. My temps are around 32C at idle and about 54C at load. How do I overclock the north bridge? Is it worth it?
  23. Yeah the NB OC will increase performance to good degree just don't surpass 2800 MHz...Voltage should be between 1.1 and 1.25v..I stick to 1.2v on the NB and HT...My NB is at 2800 MHz@1.2v and HT is at 2600 MHz@1.2v...NB OCing should be your final component to OC after all else is stable
  24. Just looking at your board's UEFI BIOS, pretty cool setup. Seems much better design than the one my ASRock has.

    Looks like about the middle of the "Advanced Mode, Ai Tweaker" page you'll see CPU/NB Frequency. Values should change the same as the CPU multiplier, just type in value you want. I see lots of people nowadays showing 3000MHz NB but I've never been over 2800MHz and leave mine, for now, at 2600MHz with 1.2625v. You'll get faster data transfer between many components. If you decide to overclock, same as with the CPU, I would recommend leaving it at stock voltage until it gets unstable and then up it by maybe .025v at a time. Probably best to do your own testing with different frequencies and see which gives you the best score.

    Another OC to consider: I've read lots of people arguing both ways about raising the HT Link Speed for better transfer rates but I really didn't get a noticeable difference in 3D Mark 11 scores. Some even claim that raising the HT Link can lower speeds and scores.
  25. The X6 will allow for an NB frequency of 3000 MHz...The X4 is limited to 2800 MHz

    HT is limited to 2600 and give no noticiable gain in performance that have seen I just keep it up there to make sure its at top speed...BTW Maximum voltage on the NB should never, ever exceed 1.35v....IMO 1.3v is maximum allowable "safe" voltage for the NB and HT
  26. Ya the BIOS on my board is definatly better than the one I had before, I set the NB to 2600MHz and the CPU/NB voltage to 1.2, do you think that's good?
  27. Perfect at 2600@1.2v you should see a nice little boost in all around performance you could get 2800 MHz I'm sure 2600 MHz is fine as well....IMO you have the best MOBO out for AMD right now very stable platform for OCing
  28. Thank you guys very much for the help, much appreciated! And I know I love this motherboard, it had every thing I needed and more. Never had a motherboard with dual x16 PCIe cappability. Looking forward to gettin another MSI HD 6850 in crossfire.
  29. That board is my next purchase....waiting on the Bull Dozer release...BTW if your done with the thread make sure to pick a best answer so it can be closed....Welcome to TH newcomer !!
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  31. @Lowjack-- Thanks and I selected your first comment as the best just because you mentioned to get rid of AMD overdrive I was using it at the time and I now realize how sketchy that program overclocks and have a better understanding on OCing a CPU in the BIOS, thanks again for the help!
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