Overclocking AMD Phenom II X6 1075T


I am new to the OC thing. I am a bit tired of having some few fps issues in several games and want to hear for a beginner how to OC my CPU without killing it. I have installed a very heavy cpu cooler.

My specs are:


AMD Phenom II X6 1075T Processor 3Ghz

nVidia 470

I dont want to some insane OC, just some OC so it will ease my FPS in games.

Also, I am running all 6 cores. Should I disable some or do something other etc?
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  1. What speed is your RAM? Which MOBO are you using?
  2. I mean its 1666 Mhz.

    Mainboard is Asus M4A89GTD PRO/USB3
  3. In BIOS set the RAM speed to 1333 MHz.....bump the FSB to 240 MHz...That'll give you 3.6GHz at 1600 MHz RAm...or set the RAM to 1066 MHz push the fsb on up to like 260 MHz....which would be 3.9 GHz with the RAM running at 1385 MHz...I use this board in my main machine as you can see in my avatar...If you get a good one that is I had to RMA two out of eight.
  4. Why should I downclock my Ram?
  5. Due to the fact that chips multiplier is locked you will have to use the FSB OC method which raises all other components clockspeeds...Its a balancing act when using this method....Just keep your RAM at or below rated value, watch out for high clocks on HT and NB as this will cause instability as well...Keep the HT below 2600 MHz and the NB below 2800 MHz...change all value in voltage to there default by entering them in manually....Voltages should be set to manual not, offset...
  6. I am completely newbie for this. I know what BIOS is, and I know the different stuff... But im not yet good at short terms of names and such....

    I hope its not too much to ask for... But is it possible for you or someone else to show a before/after picture of changing parameters?

    AMD Overdrive is bad ?
  7. The Phenom II CPU OC'ing tutorial at the link below should help.

  8. AMD Overdrive is very buggy Software Overclocking is not a very stable or safe way to OC. HT=Hyper Transport, NB= Northbridge...this controls memory I/O (input/output)speeds as the NB has an IMC(Integrated Memory Controller) on it..., roughly, 260 FSB (front side bus) equals HT at 2600 MHz and NB at 2600 MHz...These are in your settings on BIOS and I would in the above instance set the HT down to 2400 MHz and just leave the NB at 2600 MHz....As for RAM I calculate my OC using a percentage factor i.e. 260 MHz equals a 30% increase in RAM speed, 240 MHz FSB = 20% increase in RAM speed, 220 MHz equals 10%, etc.
  9. I took some pix of the BIOS before and after here they are:


    Its the first photos in the stream
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