Phenom 2 955 BE or core i7

Hey guys... If there was a choice of a core i7 920 with a gtx 275 or a Phenom 2 955BE and a gtx 295 what would be the best system for gaming.

The resolution would be 19200x1080.

The games I would play: Lord of the rings battle for middle earth, Left 4 dead 2, Crysis, Crysis 2, Battlefield 2142, Call of duty series and other fps.

I would be using 6 gb of ddr3 ram.

Usage from most important to least important: Gaming, internet usage, watching movies.

Tell me if I need to give out any information I forgot. Thanks a lot!!
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  1. the 955BE but with a 4890 and 4GB of ram, then buy a 5870 later.
  2. thanks but I was wondering which would e better
    I'll probably wait until the directx 11 cards come out and the core i5 comes out and see how they preform...
  3. the i5 750 performs just a little bit worse than the i7 920, however with the i5 you will be limited to one card as the 5870 is rumoured to need over 8 lanes of PCIe 2.0 bandwidth and LGA1156 only has 20 PCIe lanes (x8 + x8 + x4) so using two cards will create a bottleneck with the i5 cpu.
  4. Oh ok so I shouldnt get the i5
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