Black Ice Rad users.....Help???

I'm currently looking to water cool my system. I want to cool my I7 2600K and my two GTX 560 TI's. I'm going to use a MCP 655 pump,XSPC reservoir, Koolance CPU-370 Block, and 2 Heatkillers for the GPU. I'm looking to get temps in the mid to upper 40s under load.
I would like to use only 1 three 120MM radiator. First off is this possible? Second I want to use either

Black Ice GT Stealth 360
Black Ice SR1 360

Can anyone with these radiators let me know how they work for you as far as temp and performance. Also what fans would be good to use for these keeping in mind noise level.
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  1. Mid 40s under load? Are you planning to overclock your processor at all? If so, 40 under load is a pipe dream, particularly with only one 360 rad unless your ambient is five degrees.

    I have two 360 rads and I hit high 60s (at 100% load) cooling a GPU and an i5 750 (4.0 ghz @ 1.35v)

    You'll need more raddage to cool both your processor and SLI cards to anything better than what you can get with air.
  2. I would not be over clocking but with that said would a extra 140MM rad help?
  3. scope3334 said:
    I would not be over clocking but with that said would a extra 140MM rad help?

    If you're not OCing at all, then I imagine it should work fine. I can't guarantee 40 under load. You can actually look up the TDP of your cards and processor and compare it to the technical specs on the rads and blocks you want to use.

    Typically, the general rule of thumb is a minimum of a 120 rad for each GPU and 240 for the processor.


    Okay it looks like with the 2600k and two 560ti your peak TDP would be 615.

    With a 360 rad your deltaT would be 14c (approx) with 1800 rpm fans. With 500mm of raddage your deltaT drops to roughly 8c.

    So take your ambient temperature, let's say 22c, which means your water would roughly be 30c, and you can estimate what your core temps would be based on the deltaT of your blocks.

    You can check out for a lot more information and reviews on your specific hardware.
  4. ^I have to strongly agree with this info...I didn't check TDP of all components, but that sounds about right. I think it is highly ambitious to attempt a CPU and moderate-to-high performing SLI loop to run on a single 360, even with push/pull.
  5. Why not just invest in a better 3x120 rad like the GTX 360 or BIX3? Also, you'll want some good fans to push a lot of air.

    My setup never gets above 45C on one of the GPUs, but I think I have better rads and fans.
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