This doesn't seem right (Intel 320 benchmark)

Are these results typical?

I was expecting to see a more consistent read speed, what's up with the first 36GB? I've only used 20GB on the drive. And the dip later? (No programs were used during the benchmark.)

Here's another

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  1. HDD benchmark tools have a history of weird results when run on SSDs. They dont operate the same so the benchmarks dont seem to measure right.
  2. I would recommend running CyrstalDiskMark 3.0or ATTO Benchmark instead of HDTune.
  3. Weird... I ran a couple other tools like AS-SSD and got 260MB/s read. Also I noticed that Teracopy would only write large files at 70MB/s max, whereas the default ctrl+c wrote at 130MB/s :O
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