Fans, Asus P8P67 & HAF 912 Case

Hi guys. Another dumb question!

I am getting the HAF 912 (which comes with 2 fans - 1 rear exhaust and 1 front intake). I am planning on buying 2 of these fans for the front.

Question. Do these fans plug into the MB or the PSU? This is the PSU I chose:

I plan to take the stock fan and put it on top for now until I get more fans for the top. Will I have space on the MB or PSU?

Thank you!
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  1. Actually it's not that dumb of a question because I had a similar dilemma when I bought my Corsair 600T. :lol:

    Anyways - most case fans typically use three prong adapters which will plug directly into your motherboard - be sure to check the layout - it'll typically say which plugs go into the pins on the board. The thing is if you run into trouble, purchase a couple of 3 pin - PSU adapters, and you can get these at any electronics store for like $2. Or another way to do this is to get a cable splitter (around $4) and you can plug multiple fans directly into your motherboard.
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