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can I recover my data after formatting second time my computer?
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  1. Hello and welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums.

    It's possible. Try Recuva from (the CCleaner people) or Restoration 2514 from Both are free and each will recover files the other cannot.

    If possible, put anything you recover on to a separate disk or partition.

  2. Hello and welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums, Sarah - or is it Future?

    I wonder at what stage in that process you see the message how much it's going to cost you to go any further. The products I posted are free of charge and are genuinely helpful and no wonder products from the east are necessary here.

  3. Try Acronis® Disk Director® 11 . Enable your BIOS to boot first from the CD/DvD (instead of the hard drive). It will boot into the Acronis disk where the possibility of doing a disk recovery of your hard drive exists. <>
  4. It happens at times that we knowingly delete some files permanently and later realize that they were important. It is possible to recover such files easily by using third party software of Recoveryfix Windows disk recovery. They are capable of recovering files that were deleted long back and even the files deleted due to formatting, damage or deletion of the partition.
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