Can I verify automatic TRIM is working ?


I have a question and I am sorry if I ask it in a convoluted manner but I think it will benefit all to know my current setup.

I bought my first SSD, an Intel X25 MLC 120 GB generation 2 with up-to-date firmware.
I set BIOS to AHCI and disconnected all my other HDDs, and put the SSD on SATA port 0.
Installed Windows 7.

Now, according to what I have read, Windows should have recognized the SSD as such and automatically turned off autodefrag and Superfetch, but after installation defrag was scheduled to run once a week and Superfetch was active. That made me raise an eyebrow. (I turned them off manually along with system restore.)

I am told TRIM should work out of the box with Win7 if I install Intel Rapid Storage Technology 9.6. That "enables the SSD to accept the TRIM command from Win7" - whatever that means.

I have also run the "fsutil behavior query disabledeletenotify" command to verify that TRIM is enabled in Win7. It is, reply was disabledeletenotify=0.

My question is this: Since Win7 obviously botched things up during install and did not disable autodefrag or superfetch, how can I be sure that my SSD will be automatically TRIMmed? Is there a way to verify that autoTRIMming is functioning?

I hope someone can give me some pointers as to how to resolve this.
Otherwise the drive seems to perform well with 456 points in AS SSD.

Thanks a lot!
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  1. Would it be an option to use the Intel SSD toolbox to schedule daily TRIM just in case Win7 autotrimming for some reason fails to work (even though disabledeletenotify=0)?
    As a fail-safe, sort of... or would that be detrimental to the drive.
  2. If the reply was disabledeletenotify=0 then it is on.

    As for the Intel SSD Toolbox, there is no way to set TRIM up. It just runs and it runs constantly.

    As long as the Intel SSD Toolbox says its optimized, then leave it be. And make sure that you run the top option once a week. I have the same HDD only 80GB and 2 500GBs in RAID0.
  3. You can download "crystaldiskinfo 4"* or "ssd life" to be sure that trim is on.

    * i always prefer the portable version so no installation need and no extra registry keys would be add to ur pc

    --forgive me bad English_greetings from Greece--
  4. ^5 +1 what jimmysmitty what greekeagle12 said.

    No need to be too concerned about TRIM. Intel ssd's and the Intel SSD Tookit do a very good job.
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