Confused about why have a nice graphic card?

So, the title says it all ... I'm not a gamer, but bought a nice AMD 4650HD card. I have a TV Tuner and two nice displays ... other than that, I am a web developer and keep to using web apps, browsers and some Adobe products.

Why the HD on this card when it hooks up to 2 displays? The video from the tuner's software (Hauppauge) still isnt as great as if I hook it up directly. Do cards with these instructions in hardware actually benefit? How can I get real HD or better video when I cant even hook up the card just to one monitor (either via software or hardware) - I could do all this with the crappy Nvidia card that I replaced. And, lastly, how do you even hook up HDMI to this when it is all DVI -- and, if I buy a converter: how does this hookup anyway (monitor accepts HDMI) - when the output will still be delivered via the Hauppauge??

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  1. I would rename your post to be more informative than critical if you want people to answer.... Such as: "Poor HD video from AMD 4650HD Card" or something.

    Also, provide a link to your specific card. That would help immensely.

  2. you do know ATi cards come with a DVI to HDMI adapter.
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