Router to Adapter to Router via ICS

Hey guys, I've a question for you all:

I've purchased a duplex, and until I get some major remodeling done, my residence is split into two halves. I've got a wireless router in my home office, but I want to also use the network on the other end of my home too. I only have one computer capable of receiving a WiFi signal, the other two devices are Ethernet only (an old desktop and an Xbox).

Signal strength isn't a problem, and my WiFi-equipped PC can see my router and connect just fine. I have a second router, and I'm going to connect it to the WiFi-equipped PC, and use ICS to share the network connection from my PC to the router.

What specific settings will I need to be mindful of to make this a success?

Also, I know the tendency to try to advise someone to go with a completely different setup (IE set my second router as an AP, drill a hole in the wall to put a LAN cable through, etc). Please focus on the method I've described, as that's the solution I am going to implement.

So to summarize, I'm going to use:

Internet -> Router A -> Wireless Adapter -> Router B via ICS

Thanks very much!
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  1. should be just a case of using ICS on the wifi'd pc - you will probably have to assign static IP details including DNS to the PCs that are sharing it.
  2. oh yes, and router B will have to act as a hub/switch not a router
  3. Do I need to make Router B a hub/switch because of potential double NAT problems? Could I have Router B act as a router if I set up different subnets? I ask this mostly out of curiosity.

    Glad to hear this solution might be just as simple as I'd thought, though, that's good news.
  4. It's not something I have done before only seen in training scenarios so I may be a little off..

    The PC that starts to share its connections with ICS will become the gateway and I think DNS/DHCP server as well. if the router is an out the box router it will try to give out DHCP on its own network range and will think that it is the gateway not the ISC PC.

    Now I think of it - when connecting the ICS PC to router B - do not use its WAN port (this will be expecting a DHCP red interface and will not allow a 192.168..x.x address from the ICS PC) instead only use the (i guess) 4 ports normally used for connecting devices.
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