Pentium 4 heatsink on q9550

possible? will it run cooler 'coze the p4 cooler is larger and the fan runs at much higher rpm. My p4 3.4 ghz pres. is running 35c
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  1. Is it an LGA 775 P4? If so it might fit and if its larger you might get a few lower degrees.
  2. yah it's 775

    does p4 run hotter than quads? LOL
  3. The high clocked P4's did run rather hot. You could try it out.
  4. Ya try it out and also post the results.
    I am myself thinking of putting my P4 2.66Ghz Cooler on my E7300...
  5. the pushpins are broken can't mount it . when i cleaned the grease from the heatsink i saw 2 huge scratches lolz it's 5 years old
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