4tb mbr on vista 64

hello all !
I am a novice computer guy; with that being said here is my delima: I purchased two 2tb hdds from newegg thinking it would be so awesome to have 4tb of space in raid 0 for my work computer; well i loaded vista 32 home premium(original release disk no sp's) and after installing the raid driver it showed 4tb drive; i selected and it adjusted itself to 2tb; i figured it was too large for the mbr (just a guess low technical knowledge); so i continued to install; it installed files; expanded; installed updates (yeah right) ; and finished install.
It then kicked me a message which i wrote down and searched for. i found an article pertaining to vista 32/64 mbr of only 2tb or less. (i am not using an efi board ) so i deleted my raid array and made a new one of 1tb. i tried to reinstall and it went the same course; it kicked the same error; so by now ive guessed that windows while installing detectes the physcial
hard drive size not the partition size.
So i tried it again using the orignal release dvd of vista 64 home premium (no sp's) folowing the same steps as mentioned before of deleting the array and partitioning it and had the exact same results. So i was gonna slipstream sp 1 and 2 into vista 64 home premium and try again.

is this a futile attempt? is this only possible with two disks with the physcial size of 1tb? will the sps in vista 64 allow the install to detect the partition size of the mbr and not the physcial size?

any input would be greatly appreciated !!!!

amd athlon II x3 3.0 435
2 x 2gb crucial ballistics ddr3 2000 9-9-9-9 2t @ 1.8 volts (i can only run up to 1600mhz due to am3 limitiations)
2 x SAMSUNG Spinpoint F4 HD204UI 2TB 5400 RPM 32MB
as rock 770 extreme 3
asus 3850 512mb
asus sonar essence stx
generic wireless card from rosewill
22" sceptre
550 corsair psu
all air cooled
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  1. MBR can't access more than 2Tb so I don't think you'll be able to accomplish this as a boot drive.
  2. well ive read ways to get around this by using a gpt and booting from this partition; would this methond work considering i had a uefi capable board?

    would this be ok for a daily use computer?
  3. This will work, however, be aware that if you ever need to put this drive in another machine to recover files the other machine may not be able to read a GPT disk.

    Here is more info.

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