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i own a socket 775 P with an intel cooler. can i use that same cooler for a core2 socket 775 processor??
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  1. by P if u mean pentium 4 or pentium dual core htne maybe not i am not so sure though
  2. There is no reason why it wouldnt work. The socket is the same, and core 2 requires less cooling, with the exception possibly being a quad. It's not going to hurt to try if you monitor your temps.
  3. i guess i was wrong
  4. The cooler will fit yes. The question I would be asking myself is "will it cool enough?". Depending on your casing, you could consider getting a good 120mm tower cooler like the ones from Xigmatek. If you get one that does both LGA775 and LGA1366, the cooler could even be re-used on an i7 build. Such a cooler would also alow you to OC your processor and get more for your money (OCing a Core2 processor is ridiculously easy).
  5. what do you mean with ocing???
  6. OCing = Over Clocking...
    higher speed, higher clock and higher voltage from your current state(CPU in this case)
    But if u do that then u just shortening your cpu lifespan...
  7. aaaaaaah. thanks for the info.
  8. Odds are that the last of the Pentium D Coolers are better than the core2 coolers ... especially those with the copper slug in the centre of them.

    They had to be better ... the CPU's burned like tiny suns ... even at idle.

    Bit noisier though ...

    A newer heatpipe tower cooler is a better option .. .as Zenthar suggests.
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