Computer Won't fully turn on

When I turn on on my the screen is blank but I hear the fans turn on along with the HDD. The computer used to work abut when I would go to turn it off it never fully shut down (as in the screen when blank but the fans kept running, yes this is now the same problem turning on) I think it may have to do with the RAM but I'm not sure Any ideas?
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  1. Some hardware specs would be helpful.
  2. It's a fairly old computer. The specs are a Gigabyte nvidia nforce4 rev 99.01 motherboard, assorted sticks of 512 ram (I switch them in and out to find what works), AMD athlon 64 CPU, GeForce FX 6200 with 128mb graphics card, and a maxtor 250GB HDD, the OS is XP
  3. Do you normally hear beeps on startup?

    Do you hear any now? If no, try removing all the RAM and startup.
  4. I never hear beeps even when the RAM is completely removed.
  5. Unplug everything except the PSU, CPU/HSF, video card, 1 stick of RAM, and the power switch. Try booting with only those components.
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