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I have had this HDD for a while now and it is making sort of a scanning noise. I have tried almost everything to fix it...

I have ran the seagate diagnostic tools several times and they all said theres no errors, so I sent it back to seagate even tho it didnt say anything there were errors and they didnt seem to do anything to do it except send it back to me
I tried replacing the IDE cable (as stated @ I am unable to move the location of the drive because theres only 1 IDE slot on the motherboard and it wont fit anywhere else.
I have also ran the Windows check disk and it says nothings wrong with it

Also, just before it started making this scanning noise I think I changed the partitions on the HDD. So if anyone has any other ideas of what I can try please let me know or I guess its time for a new HDD.

HDD Model: Seagate ST3250620A ATA Device (not sure why it says ATA when its actually IDE)

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    Just because it makes noise doesn't mean it's broken. If you have multiple partitions on that drive, it's probably just the heads seeking back and forth between partitions. Also, if you haven't done a defrag in a while, it may be thrashing to find all the parts of a given file.
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  3. I defragmented using both a regular defrag and a free space defrag and that helped a little. I guess I will try and merge the 2 partitions on the drive and that should fix it. Thanks!
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