I5 2500k ! Want to push to 4.8 whit good temps !

I have a


ASUS p8p67 EVO

I5 2500k (at 4.2 atm whit 35o idle and 65max temp) stock cooler

KINGSTON Hyperx T1 2x 4G (which has a tall heatsink on it)

I want to know what would be my best choice for a cpu cooler to get me to 4.8 or 5 and not having much higher temps ...

or good temps anyways ...

Plz let me know what the best option ... and will it fit ( i know some big sink will have trouble whit tall RAM)

Is Antec Kuler h20 920 a good choice ...

or air better .. for my box ...

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    corsair H100 better than Antec kuhler 920
  2. hitting 4.8 should be easy. goop heat sink:

    i dislike that gimicky liquid cooling crap that corsair and antec have there. the liquid cooling is not much better than a good fan if at all and you have the chance for it to blow up and leak on you. good thermal compound will provide much better cooling on a good heatsink than a cheap liquid cooling kit will.
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