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  1. I had that case and did not like it at all. Everyone was way too hot in the build. I switched a Antec 900 then Antec 1200 for a new build. I would go with an Anec 900:
  2. Thanks for the comment. Besides that does the whole system look decent?

    I am short on cash and already placed the order so that case will have to work untill I get more cash.
    I was looking at the Antec Nine Hundred at first but it wasn't in my budget of $750.
  3. You could have done better if you had gotten some stuff from newegg. I would have gone for the PII 940 and steered clear of that power supply. Physically everything should work but you could have done a bit better, hope you dont plan to game on the 790gx chipset.
  4. Had it set-up at new egg.. Shipping was WAY to much then I wanted to pay. I do plan to game. What exactly is wrong with that chip set? I was told it was descent if your on a budget, hmm
  5. it is, but you arent going to get playable frame rates at low detail out of it at anything higher 1280x1024, you really should get a discreet card if you want to game.
  6. I am a little up-set with that reply but, "Physically everything should work" sounds like a step in the right direction :D

    I do have plans on upgrading to a GTX 260, and then possible going SLI. I just don't have the cash at the moment.
  7. The motherboard you picked doesn't support SLI. You'd be much better off going with an ATI GPU with your setup if you're considering a multiple GPU setup. The 4870 1GB GPU's offer great bang for the buck. The only chipset that deals very well with SLI setups is the Intel X58.
  8. The time to ask for advice is BEFORE ordering, not after.
  9. Dosn't Cross fire mean SLI? So I can only use ATI cards? (nivida will not work)?
  10. SLI is nVidia, Crossfirex is ATI.

    Edit: Removed, sorry for confusion :(
  11. jbakerlent said:
    I'm a little confused by shortsuff's reply because I believe that your board, being a 790gx, will not support two cards in crossfire or sli...

    The 790GX chipset DOES support crossfire but not SLI.
  12. right sli is nvidia technology and crossfire x is ati. Not compatible, only boards I know of that do both would be the i7 X58 motherboards.

    You could do crossfire with the Biostar board with one caveat. I own the board and its a great little overclocker and has nice features BUT-the little heatsink sitting over the 790 chipset just below the ram slots is a super cheap thin metal, almost feels like tin. These boards are notorious for having high chipset temps.

    My solution was to put an active cooler on the southbridge. However that blocked the second PCI EX slot. You could find a more robust passive heatsink for your chipset, but then if you put a second video card right over it you could still have heat issues.

    Geo is right, you prolly should have asked for advice first. For now, I wouldn't recommend getting a second card for this setup. But an HD4870 should be able to play anything out right now, and they are easily found for under $150. Even an HD4850 is a great gaming card, and they can be found for under a hundred w/ a rebate.

    I recommend finding room in your budget for a HD4850.
  13. There are plenty of 790gx boards that support crossfire x, this is one of them.
  14. ALL 790GX boards support 8x/8x crossfire regardless of the manufacturer.
  15. I hda this same question, how does board supports crossfire with only single x16 pcie slots?
  16. OK so I can have two ATI cards, got it.
    I will pick up a HD4850 once I get the cash but from I have been reading it will work just fine until then. At the moment I have been playing Free games like Combat Arms and Operation 7 so it's not like I need a super system.

    buzznut why would you not recommend getting a second card for this set-up? What's the problem.

    What would be a better choice, a single GTX 260 or a HD4850?
    Thanks for the help guys
  17. jbl91 said:
    I hda this same question, how does board supports crossfire with only single x16 pcie slots?

    The motherboard the OP listed clearly shows 2 PCI-E 2.0 slots and supports ATI crossfire.
  18. And with that said why did some tell me going Cross fire was a bad idea?
    To many mixed opinions? 0_0

    To the point, if I get a descent GPU will this system be ok?
  19. Getting a crossfire capable board is a good idea, starting a build with crossfire isnt because there is usually a single card that can handle that resolution for about the same cost. Once you already have a card then crossfire is a cheap upgrade that allows you to improve your FPS.
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