New HTPC won't post

Just put together a new HTPC. It doesn't post when PSU switch is turned on. No fans spin, nothing. I tested the PSU disconnected from the mobo with a paper clip and just a fan connected and it powers on. Tried clearing CMOS, reseating ram, etc, running with minimal components, etc. I haven't touched the cpu yet, but I don't see what I could've done wrong.. Both ATX and ATX 12v were plugged into the mobo. Could there be something wrong with the PSU? The fan spins pretty slowly when it does run, I've had it for a month or two before I picked up the rest of the parts.. Could it not be giving enough power to the motherboard? Like I said it does power at least 2 fans when paperclipped'

Specs are:

Gigabyte GA-MA785GM-US2H
AM3 Athlon II 245 Regor
Corsair HX520W
WD 640GB Blue
WD 1TB Green
4GB G.Skill 1066

I'm not sure if the mobo was DOA or not. That's what I'm leaning towards.

Help/suggestions? Sound like the mobo was DOA?

This isn't my first build, about my 4th or 5th so..

Thanks in advance.
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  1. I would start off by performing every step in this checklist:

    READ before posting about boot problems!

    It sounds like you've performed some of the steps, but there are some more that may help.
  2. is your board installed in the system currently? Keep the minimal hardware setup and place the board on top of the foam stuff that came in the box. See if it will let you post that way. I've had a couple system builds have issues where one of the metal standoffs in the case was shorting the board. If your board doesn't work when it's completely outside the case with nothing touching it, pretty safe to say it's DOA
  3. Yeah I ran through the checklist, didn't necessarily list everything I tried in my post.

    Also, the board is out of the case and on my desk on the box.

    I had originally put it in an older case for the time being while my HTPC case is in the mail, which has enough mounts for the left side and half way down the board. The tray ends before the right side, so I could not mount that end. I did put the ram in and what not which is on the right side so I didn't bend the board when installing. Could I have killed the board by not mounting it at every possible spot?
  4. Nevermind I'm an idiot. Forgot to jumper the mobo since I have no power switch outside of the case.

  5. blt10 said:
    Nevermind I'm an idiot. Forgot to jumper the mobo since I have no power switch outside of the case.


    I am about to build my first desktop could you please explain what you are talking about here? This sounds like it's going to be complicated lol
  6. Put it in a case with a power switch already there, make sure you connect it to the motherboard and you'll be fine! :)

    "Breadboarding" is when you run the computer outside of a case, typically on your desk or whatever. It's easier to work on and troubleshoot, etc. My problem was I forgot the power switch! Haha.

    Good luck and LMK if you have anymore questions.
  7. and really all the power switch does is make a brief contact with the positive and negative power terminals on the board. the exact same result can be achieved with a screwdriver if no cpu power switches are available. Just make sure you bridge the correct terminals.

    Some of the high end boards out there now actually have "on board" power and reset buttons... handy for testing and troubleshooting during your initial build, but a complete gimmick :)
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