Guest Access Prob..Connect Belkin N1 Vision to Belkin N+ Gateway


I have a Belkin N+ all-in-one gateway which supplies the IP address to all computers in the office.

I bought a new N1 Vision wireless router.

The problem I'm having now is the Guest Access on N1 Vision, I disabled DHCP on the N1 Vision, and plug in the network cable from the wall jack to one of the LAN port on the N1 Vision, the normal wireless mode is working fine, BUT the Guest Access wireless mode cant seem to connect to the N1 Vision.

If I enable DHCP, (normal wireless mode of course working fine as usual) now Guest Access able to connect to N1 Vision, but it just couldn't connect to the Internet !

Can anyone help ?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. is any body here live now 22,53 gmt
  2. whats a quick reply
  3. im new to forums i wonder if things happen fast or slow how do u find an active forum
  4. Hi bearwood, I dont think you should post questions or replies here !
  5. Ok sorry i'll try and do better
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