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in my dads oldie comp ive got a amd athlon xp-m 3000+ in there with a thermaltake volcano 10 on there and this thing on idle is screaming! ive got 7 fans on my own personal computer and all of them combined arent even nearly as loud as this one fan on my dads comp.

now could i just remove that fan thats on there and replace it with something like a 60mm case fan? a thicker fan that scoops in more air at lower speeds?
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  1. it would be better to get a bigger fan, since its able to push more air while doing less work.

    i think i found a cooler that will work with your dads comp

    its larger and has a larger fan.
  2. yes, you can just replace the fan. you wont need to do anything except maybe blow out some dust. 60mm fans are sort of an odd ball size, so you may have a hard time finding one.

    as the other poster stated, you can get a cooler with a bigger fan, but if heat issues are not a problem, just go with whatever is the most cost effective.
  3. naw, heat isnt a problem. that fan/heatsink is really cheap though. it would take me more work to get new thermal paste on it and reseat the heatsink. easiest would be just to replace the fan.

    blew out the dust yesterday. its actually louder now without the dust haha
  4. dust was probably filling gaps between bearing . once they start getting old, just toss em out. in general, i meant dusting for the heatsink itself.. once i found mine almost full.. never again! im sure with as much canned air as i buy now, they think i am huffing it.

    i also agree it will be more work to replace heatsink, so if you can find it, just replace fan.
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