Mix and match memory modules?

I have 4gigs of PNY memory 667mhz. 2gb per stick

I have 2 gigs of Hynix memory 533 mhz 1gb per stick

not sure the exact frequency for the Hynix ones

Windows 7 home premium 64bit

Is it not advantageous to mix those 4 sticks together?


dimm 1 and 2 make it so that its dual interleaved for the pny

didnt check for the hynix ones

All ddr2
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    It will all run at the speed of the slowest modules. If it boots with all 4 sticks, you are okay. If it will not, boot with only the 2 slowest modules installed, and enter the BIOS. Turn off the auto detect or auto configuration for your memory, and manually set everything to the speed those 2 sticks work at. Insert the other 2, and give it a try.
    Yes, both banks should be running in dual channel as you have them plugged in.
  2. ewww so my ram will all run at 533mhz

    maybe i should just use the 667mhz PNY 4gb cuz i dont do that much multi tasking

    when i game i only have one game up and doesnt use all ram up
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