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I have an 80GB Sata drive and a 500GB (added about a year ago) drive on my XP Computer. It boots from the 80GB drive but after a couple of power outages I've discovered my battery backup no longer works and I've developed the "mup.sys" boot problem and various other hangs etc. when I get past Mup.sys. I may have to reboot 20 times. I'm wondering If I can just install Windows XP on the second drive, change the boot sequence and boot from there or if that will not work for some reason.
I'm also wondering if the Windows New computer file transfer utility might transfer from the 80 GB drive to the 500GB drive in the same computer. Or would Norton Ghost or something move the original environment?


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  1. You might be able to repair the installation by using the windows installation disc.

    Put the windows installation disc in the cd drive, in the bios choose to boot from that drive, when everything has loaded you'll have the choice to repair the installation. Be careful obviously as choosing the wrong options here could cause you to reinstall windows on your 80GB HDD!
  2. A repair install usually doesn't fix a mups.sys problem. The registry is most likely corrupt.

    You can install XP onto the 500G drive. make sure to disconnect the 80g drive first so it doesn't try to create a dual boot environment. After installing XP, you can reconnect the 80G drive. You can then copy all necessary files off the 80G drive, but you are most likely going to have to reinstall all your programs.

    Ghost (imaging your drive) will not help as you would just create another corrupt drive.
  3. Thanks.... I've had trouble with the drive before and was hoping to be able to boot/repair from the other drive should the problem continue.
  4. Oh, and if you do install XP on the 500G drive, don't forget to switch the boot order in the bios.
  5. Hawkeye22 said:
    A repair install usually doesn't fix a mups.sys problem

    My bad MacMyers / Hawkeye22.
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