Drives Disappear from my GA-EX58-UD5 / Intel ICH

I seem to be having an odd problem with one of my systems keeping track of both hard drives. :kaola:

I'm using the Intel ICH for managing my drives in RAID0. Currently, my system volume is 2x30GB SSDs.

Every once in a while, one of the 2 drives will suddenly disappear from the controller. I used to think my SATA cables were just loose/bad, but I've gone through 3 sets of cables that I had laying around and it has made no difference. I've even gone so far as to glue them into place at each end (soft glue so nothing permanent).

More often than not, the disconnect will appear while I'm in the middle of a very important dungeon crawl. Regardless of what I'm doing, when one of the drives disappear it tends to corrupt the system (OS doesn't seem to like it when you yank a drive out from under it when in RAID0 :sarcastic: ) and the system locks-up followed by a memory dump.

At reboot, during the Intel ICH post, invariably one of the drives wile be missing. It is interesting to note that the post will stall at the missing drive... like it kind'a-sort'a thinks som'n is there.

So far my solution has been to:
- turn the system off
- reach in case and gently push on the (blue) Intel ICH bank of SATA ports a couple times (yup, that's the fix)
- reboot
- hope chkdsk can unfrag system files or (usually) restore system volume from an image
- wait for next time a drive disconnects

This originally happened about a month after I put the system together (last March) but didn't give it much thought since messing with the cables seemed to fix the issue. However it has become chronic lately and I'm reapplying the system image every other day.

On rarer occasions, one of the drives will be missing from the ICH post during a cold-boot. (I don't leave the system running overnight as that will guarantee a dead system in the morning.)

I'm starting to think there's a bad connection between the board and the SATA ports.

- I7 920 2.66G
- 2GBx3 OCZ OCZ3X1333LV6GK

- BIOS Updated to F5
- Windows 7

Oh lawrdy help meh! Save meh Tom Cruise!

Any thoughts?
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    May be matrix manager troubles:;jsessionid=E5EDF3177AD0343A1A6218F89B1866AA.node5COMS#51439;jsessionid=C84EDD393E44049295C8A73E9FBB33C5.node5COMS

    I have package up drivers and managers here:
    The '88' file is the previous version of the s'ware GB included on your driver disk, and doesn't exhibit the problem; the RST is a 'leaked', (as-yet-unsupported, but pretty neat) version of their new-gen Rapid Storage Technology manager - I've been running it for a while, & seems to work fine...
  2. Okie dokie, thx!
    I'll give that a try instead of sacrificing my cat to the computer gods.
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