Upgade the gateway FX530XM

I have a gateway FX530XM desktop computer and it has (2.13 intel core 2 duo prossesor, 2 gigs of ram , 500 gig harddrive (2 x 250 runing on raid 0) an ati 128mb graphics card, cd-rw and dvd-rw dual layer write and cd -rw for my secound cd drive, a 19in1 card reader, and is runing widows vista 32 bit home . I got it in 2007. and it also hard a 700Watt power supply and built in wirless card. Is it possable to upgrade the prosses and if so how much for a upgrade is possible and for a video card upgrade what are my options.I use it for gaming and media and internet. i dont remder want the mother board is. do you need me to find out.

OK i have a 775 LGA slot and my FSB speed is 1066 mhertz

the mother board is a an intel i975X
Model OEMD975XBGG1

if you need anything else let me know.
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  1. You wont be able to get a 45nm wolfdale to work unless they have a bios update which is very doubtful.

    Any 65nm 1066 FSB CPU should work.
  2. Ok thank, also is there anythat are avalible wiht the speed of core2duo 2.5-3.0 gighertz?
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