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Buying ram- which voltage to choose?

I'm looking at the DDR3 modules avail. and I notice they are available at voltages of 1.35, 1.5 and 1.65. Which should I try to choose?
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  1. Lower timings and lower voltages are better.
  2. General rule. If memory won't run stable at a certain speed, raise the voltage and maybe it will.
    If you deduct from that statement, it would only make sense that everything being equal, if the memory runs at lower voltages, it must be of slightly better quality.
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    Lower is better on both timings and voltages.

    Although it basically comes down to , you can pick any two out of the three -- low voltage, low timings, or low price -- but it's hard to find all three together.

    Also, if you aren't comfortable messing around with timings and settings in the BIOS, I'd just get 1.5V RAM and be done with it. 1.5V is the one you can most often just plug into a DDR3 motherboard and it will work right out of the box. It's not hard to change those settings, mind you, but that's one way to make it slightly easier on yourself.
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