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So, without doing the proper research, I managed to buy RAM (Corsair Vengeance DDR3 1600) that won't fit under my CPU cooler (Hyper 212+), and naturally the cooler blocks the first two slots on my mobo. From other posts, I seem to have a couple of options:

1.) Return the RAM and buy something else that fits.
I really don't want to go this route; I bought it from a MicroCenter that is an hour away w/out traffic. And, if I do this, what does everyone recommend?
2.) Remove the heat spreader off one stick
I have read several posts regarding this procedure, but I really don't want to void the warranty if I didn't have to (plus the irreversible damage aspect). Also, will I have heat issues if I OC???

3.) Buy two more sticks of ram that would be compatible with the Corsairs in dual channel mode.
I could definitely do this, but I really need help in finding something that is compatible.

So, what does everyone think is my best course of action?
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  1. The best Option i recommended is #1(If you can return it) because who would even want to take the heatspreader off the ram(It is seriously hard)? and what would you do with the extra 2 RAM stick awhile the other two dont fit? Return the RAM you have and buy those smaller heatspreader like this
    There's a 16GB for $105 but if you want buy it because it's the same price as you buy two set of the 8GB version
  2. Whenever you use a hyper212 always get low profile RAM. Hell, Why not get low profile everytime tho? If I were you I'd suck it up and drive back out and return it and get something that fits. It is the best play for both short and long term
  3. One option would be if you want to use 4 memory modules, order the Vengeance low profile version of what you already have. The LPs will fit under most heat sinks.
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