Installing windows xp professional on core i3 processor

Installing windows xp professional on Dh61ww motherboard having Core I3 processor: ~
1. Press F2, as displayed on the screen, to enter the bios settings.
2. Go to the configuration tab by pressing once the right arrow key.
3. On the configuration tab select sata drives by pressing once the down arrow key.
4. Now press enter to enter inside the sata drives option.
5. By default the chipset sata is selected.
6. Press the down arrow key to select the chipset sata mode.
7. Press the enter key to display two options viz IDE & AHCI.
8. Now select IDE as the first option. If it is selected by default keep it as it is. Or if AHCI is selected change it to IDE by using up and down arrow keys. NOTE:~ I have IDE cables connecting my hard drive to motherboard. So IDE is the preferred choice because if AHCI is selected, after running the setup an error message generates which tells the following:~ A problem has been detected and windows has been shut down to prevent damage to the computer. Plus more extra info on the screen. If this is the case you have to select IDE there.
9. Now press esc once to return to the configuration option main page. The 1st part is complete right now.
10. In the second stage, come to the boot tab by pressing thrice the right arrow key.
11. By default boot menu type is selected as normal. If not select the normal mode by pressing the enter key.
12. Boot device priority appears under normal mode. Now select Boot device priority by pressing once the down arrow key.
13. Press enter to display Boot device priority window. Use the + sign to move drive names to the top Use the - sign to move drive names to the bottom.
14. By doing so place the drives in the sequence:~ (a) optical drive (b) removable drive (c) hard drive (d) network.
15. Press the enter key once again to accept the above order.
16. Now come to the exit tab by pressing once the right arrow key, to exit from the bios, saving the changes.
17. Press any key to boot from the CD appears so that u press the enter key or any key to follow the instructions on the screen.
18. On the configuration tab keep it IDE there forever to prevent start windows normally screen.
Make sure that you revert the change on the boot tab after successfully installing a fresh copy of windows.
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  1. This would be better titled "Installing XP on SATA motherboard" because this is not specific to Core i3. . .
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