OC'ng Noob... Need help!!!

Hi guys

I'm new to these things and have a very limited knowledge concerning computers. I've been reading a few things but can't seem to get the jist of what is been said/explained.
I have no funds to purchase bigger and better pc parts so I was thinking of overclocking my system but now I need assistance.
My system is as follows:

Mobo: KA780GM2(MS-7549)
CPU: AMD Athlon II x2 245 (2.9GHz)
Ram: 4gig DDR2 800MHz
GPU: EVGA GTX460 1gig Superclocked Edition
PSU: Antec TP750 New
Dunno what other info you might need.

I've checked in the BIOS and the multiplier is at x14 and can't be set any higher. This puts the cpu at 2.9ghz. I can only set it lower :( Does this mean that I can't OC as the motherboard won't allow me to?

I would like to get better performance out of my system up until I can afford to purchase myself a better pc.

Your guys help is much appreciated :bounce:
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  1. Hi and welcome to Tom's forum.

    1- You only can change the multiplier when the CPU is unlocked ("BE" for AMD "k" series for Intel) but your CPU is locked multiplier, that means that we need use the FSB (reference clock) for overclock the CPU.
    2- What cooler do you have?
  2. Saint19 thanx for the welcome and reply :)

    At this point in time I don't have an aftermarket cooler for my cpu. I am searching for something which would fit into my standard pc case I have
  3. If you don't have a good cooler is a little risky try to overclock the CPU, the stock cooler is in other words...(crap)..., you can go with a cheap but good cooler as Hyper 212+ or low profile cooler that fit in your case.
  4. Ok... Thanx so much saint19. I'll get the cooler then give you a shout again for assistance. Thanx again for your willingness to assist
  5. I'll wait for you ;)
  6. Hi saint19...

    Ok i've read a bit about locked and unlocked cpu's and FSB. Have a slight understanding, but not all that much. I don't wanna be spoon fed either 'coz next time I won't know what to do. So if you do help me to OC are there tutorials I could read through as well about OC'ng...

    I've read that the best way is to isolate your cpu, mobo and memory max OC settings. I've tried the mobo isolating so far. I reach the Reference Clock of 277 with my multiplier on x5 and HT multiplier on x4. Now even when I lower the HT multiplier to x3 my system is still unstable thus me thinking that that is the max my mobo can go...

    I'm stuck with isolating the cpu OC as it tells me to set my cpu voltage to 1.3500v. I dunno where to set this though as in the BIOS all I see is DRAm Voltage/ SB Voltage/ NB Voltage. I'm not sure which of the SB or NB ups my cpu voltage.

    A little help with that and I can try testing further...

    thanx guys
  7. Ok guys if anyone else could in the mean time enlighten me as to where I can change my cpu voltage I'd appreciate it. As I mentioned that in my BIOS it shows DRAM Voltage/ SB Voltage/ NB Voltage. Which of the SB & NB adjusts the cpu voltage value? There is no Vcore as all articles I read mentions
  8. You don't need isolate the mobo at least that you want try extreme overclock (sub-zero temps).

    Since you CPU is locked, you need set the RAM to the lowest possible speed for compensate the changes with the reference clock. The SB won't give you any performance advantage, so, keep it at stock. For NB with your CPU the possible value is 2500MHz or 2600MHz at 1.325V max or max voltage that you are using on CPU
  9. Ai now i'm lost.. I can't seem to grasp what needs to be done.
    saint19 or anyone else, can you explain what I need to do or is there a oc link you can refer me to which would assist me.
  10. Is your CPU running at stock?
  11. Yeah right now everything is running stock
  12. Your CPU is locked,so, for overclock you use the reference clock (FSB) but that FSB is linked with the NB, HT and DRAM frequency. If you change in a little step the FSB all your frequencies also change, CPU, NB, HT and DRAM frequencies are affected.

    IN other words, we need keep the NB, HT and DRAM frequencies the most possible close to stock speed (2000MHz for NB and HT and 1600MHz for RAM).
  13. Ok so if I raise the Reference Clock it means I need to lower the HT Multiplier as well as the ram settings to below it's max which is 400mhz...

    So in the bios I would leave the cpu multiplier @ x14.5, HT multiplier @ x5/x4, Ram setting @ ddr2 400 (for now). Is this correct?
  14. Correct, when your rise the FSB for rise the CPU frequency you need lower the HT, NB and DRAM multiplier to keep it at stock.
  15. Ok either I'm doing something very wrong or my system just isn't meant for overclocking.
    I set the Reference Clock to 208, HT +- 2080, NB +- 2080 and memory to 1:1...
    At that settings my pc keeps crashing to the BSoD..

    I also noticed in cpuid that my TMPIN1 temp is about 120degrees celcius constantly. Even after reverting to all stock settings it's still at that temp. Is this a bad thing ? I'm trying to add a pic of the screen but dunno how....

    Did I f%#@ my pc????
  16. Anyone that has any idea about those high temps I mentioned? And that can advise me further as to what I'm doing wrong!!!
  17. Download coretemp and check temps with it, the VID also can help us. What do you see there?

    Regarding the BSoD problem, set reference clock at 210 and NB and HT at 2000MHz. Disable cool'n'quite, C1E and PCI-E spread spectrum (if it's enable).
  18. Ok I have coretemp and it shows the cpu #0: 23 degrees celcius. VID: 1.1750v.
  19. Do you have enable cool'n'quite?
  20. No it's disabled
  21. Excellent, good temps a very low voltage for that CPU. Set the CPU at stock speed but set the voltage to 1.275V and test for stability.
  22. I can't set the voltage. Or should I say I don't know where to set the voltage. When I raise the SB or NB voltages it doesn't show in cpu-z that the voltages have been raised or changed.
    The only voltage settings are the Dram, SB & NB voltages though
  23. SB voltage = Wrong
    NB voltage = Wrong
    HT voltage = Wrong

    You need change the CPU voltage.
  24. Then I don't think I can set the CPU voltage because there is no such option in my BIOS...
  25. What options do you see in advantage configuration?
  26. There are no advantage configuration options/settings in my bios... I have BIOS A7549AMS v3.8020510
  27. Sorry, advance configuration. The mobo that you linked up is a MSI mobo
  28. Yeah it's an MSI and there is no advance config... Only Advance DRAM Configuration
  29. I'm searching online and trying to get answers from MSI but I've read now that some lower end mobo's don't have the cpu voltage option
  30. Wait for the MSI's reply, but while you wait that update the BIOS to the latest available.
  31. I have updated my BIOS to the latest version which is v3.8. A few new features were added but not the option to change the CPU voltage...

    I'll await there reply though.
    Thanx for your help thus far saint19
  32. Ok I've recieved feedback from MSI now. They say my mobo doesnlt support cpu voltage adjustment. Is there no way around this? I've seen on the net somewhere that the bios can be modified. Could it be modified in a way that the cpu voltage adjustment can be added? If not is there any other way to adjust the cpy voltage besides for in the BIOS
  33. We can try with k10 state
  34. Ok so who or what is k10 state?
  35. It's a program for overclock from windows, that program also gives you the option for change the CPU voltage.
  36. Ok thanx saint19... I found it (TurionPowerControl Software).. Just trying to get it working. I'm missing something but will figure it out soon
  37. OK...

    Seems the k10 state way ain't helping. I've decided to put on hold the OC'ng as I see something weird going on with my CPU clock, CPU FSB, HTC, NB Clock & Memory Bus when monitored in Everest. These values keep fluctuating. This all after using k10 state. So I'm trying to source myself a different mobo which has the opotion to change CPU Voltage values.

    Thanx for your assistance thus far saint19
  38. Your welcome, hope that you can get a better one.
  39. PHEW.... What a wait :)

    So I got myself a new mobo (MSI 880GMS-E35) and got to some oc'ng...

    Have my system at: 230*14.5 = 3335
    NB Frequency/HT link at: 2070.1
    Core Voltage at: 1.350 v

    Ran these setting for 13 hours with Orthos and everythings running smooth.

    I have one question though... In Everest when I monitor the Overclock settings, I see that the CPU clock, CPU FSB, HT Clock, NB Clock & Memory Bus values keep fluctuating.

    Is this normal?
    Or did I hurt my cpu when I was messing around with K10 state when the cpu was in my previous mobo....

    saint19 thanx again for all your help thus far
  40. Here's a screen shot for you to see what I mean.

    Check Everest values which are highlighted against the highlighted values in CPU-Z...

    Quite worrysome for me
  41. Those changes are normal, not all programs read the same values.
  42. Best answer
    In the Cell Menu you need to change the FSB/DRAM Ratio by dropping it one speed. With your chip you should blow past 230MHz, even with the stock cooler.

    Remember that everything runs off the system clock. It looks like you have dropped the IMC/NB and HT multipliers to 9x. I would suggest dropping the HT to 8x and raising the IMC/NB to stock 10x. You should lock the PCIe speed to 100MHz, disable Spread Spectrum, and enable Bank Interweaving.

    Your 'sweet spot' with the system clock speed is dependent upon the speed of the DDR3 that you selected. If you are running DDR3 1600 it is 240MHz. For DDR3 1333 it is 250MHz. Here's why:

    DDR3 1600 at stock is 8 (FSB/DRAM Ratio) X 200MHz (system clock or FSB). If you raise the system clock to 240MHz, the next lowest RAM divider is 6.67, so 240MHz X 6.67 returns your memory speed to spec 1600MHz.

    DDR3 1333 at stock is 6.67 X 200MHz. Drop the RAM to 533 and BOOM!, 5.33 X 250MHz = 1333MHz

    The HT will run spec 2000MHz at 8x250MHz.

    The IMC/NB will run 10x250MHz or 2500MHz. This is good. For each 10% you increase the IMC/NB speed, memory bandwidth is increased 3-4% and latency is reduced 3-4%. You should easily make 2500MHz with the NB VID at 1.25v, or less.

    Your processor specs are 0.85-1.40v up to 74c. 1.35v is great but as long as you can keep your temps down you may raise your VCore in +0.125v increments to increase speed (and stability).

    Glad I could really confuse you [:crutchizm] You are welcome, Saint !!
  43. Wisecracker thanx for your input as well...

    I tried what you said but it seems as soon as I go over 230 FSB my system crashes/BSOD. Here's a screen shot of my settings in BIOS.

    Maybe I'm doing something wrong or as I mentioned to saint19, maybe I damaged my cpu when using the k10 state applet.

    Your further assistance is appreciated.

    Ps: My hardware has changed since my first post
    Mobo: MSI 880GMS -E35
    CPU: Athlon II x2 245 (still the same)
    RAM: DDR 3 1333 8gig (x2 modules) Kingmax
    Cooling: CM Hyper 212
    PSU: Still the same
    GPU: Still the same
  44. saint19?

    Where ya guys @?
  45. We are here man, sorry, busy weekend.

    Set your NB at 2000MHz and voltage on "Auto", change the DRAM voltage to 1.65V and try again.
  46. It's highly unlikely you damaged your processor.

    Whenever you over-clock it is generally a good idea to reset your CMOS from time-to-time to guard against BIOS corruption.

    Are you still running 1.35v? Can you bump your CPU voltage +0.025v or +0.0375v ?? (Most BIOSs allow for increases in 0.0125v increments)

    and Ooops --- from time to time (especially with the taxes I just paid) I have to actually work paying gigs! ...
  47. Lol ok saint19 and wisecracker... Was just asking as ya'll very quiet

    Did what ou said saint19 and still the highest I can go on the FSB is 235*14.5

    @ Wisecracker: The highest my voltage goes is 1.3500 (yeah I know I'm always getting shitty damn mobo's)

    So once again I guess I can't go much higher than 3.3ghz OC but my temps are 30 degrees celcius and below, even under load...
  48. What BSoD error code do you get?
  49. Damn... I'll have to check again coz I didn't note the error.

    Will let you know again saint19
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