What's the best mainboard for Q6600

I need to buy a new mainboard for my Q6600. My Asus-P5Q is death and I am out of warranty. I want spend a max of 100$.

Please which mainboard would you suggest? I found some answers from 2007 here but obviously I am not interested in 3 year old suggestions...

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  1. The warranty for the P5Q is three years. Currently the best available chipset is P45.

    RMA request Form:

    Call support: Tel: 510-739-3777 option 2
  2. Are you planing to OC ?
  3. @Gitchi I didnt want to post the whole story, but I just went to repair my board and when I drove back on a motorbike taxi, the bike hit another car (me on his back) and my brand new board (which was just exchanged) fell down and broke. So no warranty.

    Maziar, Yes I plan to do so. I clocked my Q6600 with my P5Q to 3.2Ghz and would like to use that config again. Important is that it has 4 memory slots (got only 1GB RAM sets)

    I look at the moment at P5QL PRO -

    The problem always is that they not show what options the bios has and I am really worried to buy a board with bad clock options.

    Appreciate your answers =)

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    I have a G0 Q6600 in a G'byte GA-EP45-UD3L OC'd to 3.6 GHz.
  5. I forgot to mention that I use 4 SATA HDD's. 2x250 - 1x 500 and 1x 1000GB.

    That GA-EP45-UD3L looks interesting and its not expensive too. I've got a G0 stepping Q6600 too but never went all the way to 3.6Ghz.
    3.2 is enough for me =)

    I will buy the board in 17 hours from now and I hope to get a few more board suggestions,
    especially from Q6600 users.

    any other ideas?
  6. any P45 gigabyte board will have you loving your computer on a daily asis

    GA-EP45-UD3P is my suggestion
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  8. Made up my mind: I will get a GIGABYTE GA-EP45-UD3R

    Thanks for your suggestions, really appreciate it =)

  9. jsc said:
    I have a G0 Q6600 in a G'byte GA-EP45-UD3L OC'd to 3.6 GHz.

    I have managed to go on 3.2 GHz. with that MB and CPU.
    Can you please share with me how did you do it.
  10. I bought it too and I got 3.2Ghz stable (with Easytune 6). 3.6ghz, would be nice too but I not really need the extra 400Mhz. I run my 3.2Ghz with 1.3125 Volt and it stays between 30 and 45Celsius (45C with INTEL LINPACK) (watercooled). To get 3.6Ghz you have to use at least 1.44 Volt. The Q6600 has max volt of 1.5 (according to INTEL website), which I not want to get near. I saw some users use 1.54 volt to get a stable 3.6Ghz. The system is fast enough for me with 3.2Ghz. I might overclock it to 3.6Ghz or more if I decide that I want to buy a better CPU (45nm instead the Q6600 65nm).

    @igipo take a look at
    and the Q6600 CLUB at

  11. Hey guys!

    What's a good Motherboard for Q6600 (NO Overclock) and Crossfire 4870 (2 x XFX HD4870)??? Hopefully the most Performance for Cost one!

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