Western Digital WD800LB-60DNA1 - Fails

Hi. After all. sorry about my english. i'm from Argentina.

HDD: Western Digital WD800LB-60DNA1 (80GB)

The cooler fan of the power supply were not working, so the case of the computer starts to get hotter!

This high hot affect the Hard Disk. I touch the HDD and it make me burn my hand a little.

Well, now the problem:

The BIOS detect the HDD, SMART says that is Failed.
In Windows 7 the unit is F: . But when i click on that, says that is not formatted. And nothing can i do.

HDD Regenator is toooo slow!!! about 0.2 % in 4 hours. All the sectors where BAD.

What can i do to restore some files?

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  1. I'm afraid this looks very bad.

    Check it using the Western Digital disk utilities on the Ultimate Boot CD, but it sounds like the drive has been seriously damaged by the heat.

    Good luck!
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