Vista32 on an abit an7 mobo

can you install vista 32bit on a an7 mobo with a sata hard drive?
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  1. Vista will install, but no Sysyem/MB/Utility drivers for Vista are issued by ABIT. The MB was out of warranty before Vista was released. Drivers for the LAN, sound, etc. could be an issue.
  2. Here is your motherboard's driver list:
    According to this,it supports Windows XP/2000/ME and 98,i just checked Nvidia's site too (for nForce 2 drivers) and it they only support XP/2000.

    So as badge said you can install windows vista but you won't have driver support.
  3. I have install Vista 32 on an ASUS A7 Socket A MB with very little problem.
  4. And how is the driver support?
    Because Nvidia doesn't seem to have Vista drivers for Nforce 2
  5. With the ASUS A7 Vista supplied drivers that allowed the installation. Eventually I found drivers for all the basics lik sound and LAN. I have long since tore down that installation. I used Vista BETA 32 and was surprised when I was able to install everything on a Socket A. I used a Radeon 9250. I also had the Athlon 3200 which ran dual channel 400MHz. 2 x 512. That A7 system is still running today, but with XP. Wanna buy it 8)
  6. wow nice,glad older hardwares are working with vista,and it may work with 7 too since most vista drivers are compatible with 7
  7. Yep, Vista 32 BETA running full tilt on a Socket A NF2 ASUS A MB. Maybe I was lucky. Or I,m just 'faust' like Obama LOL.
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