Which cooler i5k

Im looking to get a cooler and some paste for my i5k CPU

Im looking to overclock to about 4.5 - 5km given I have read 4.5k seems to be the 'standard' overclock these days.

I would also like it to be reasonably quiet and easy to install.
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  1. Hi.

    What budget do you have for the cooler? A very good option for price/performance is the Hyper 212+ but if you want something more aggressive the V6GT or Thermalright silver arrow are very solid option.

    What case do you have?
  2. I didnt really have a budget in mind and my case is a crap one at the moment :)
  3. You can find objective, scientific test data on the popular heatsinks and TIMs at the links below. Read the reviews carefully to be sure the HSF will fit your case as they get large when good cooling is required.


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