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I just sent my control pod back, which means ill be getting another set of logitech z-5500 speakers(They have the R808 pid). And ill only have 1 control pod. Now setting up 10 speakers in my room would be kind of insane. So im wanting to use the extra set for my television downstairs. Anyway to do this? Cheaply would be nice. And i have seen splitters also for about 45 dollars which isnt a bad investment, but im wondering if the volume will be that loud seeing as your working the 5 speakers/sub without a control pod. Any help or anything will be appreciated. My main goal is to not have this ton sub sitting around and 5 speakers, rather put them to some good use.
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  1. well, you could try to find a control pod on ebay

    though without the pod you could buy a receiver and a sub (since the sub HAS to have the pod, you have to get another one), the speakers would be reusable with a receiver that uses speaker wire out
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