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Where is all my storage? I have Windows Home Premium with service pack 2, the system is a 32-bit operating system. I have 280GB hard drive and it is partition off C=29.2GB and D=250GB. My C drive is full and I thought I would clean it up and free up some space. I have already run Disk Cleanup and I have even removed some programs and placed them on D drive. Even if I remove all the programs I am only going to gain 2.84GB. What is filling up all my storage? I have checked the recycle bin for all users and I have checked my system restore points in which I have none. I downloaded "windirstat.info and I agree, it does show ridiculously large files easy. But, I'm not sure which file to delete. I did delete one file that was pretty big and I knew it would not affect another program and I gained some storage. So I know it works. I just don't which file to delete.
I tried to expand the partitian and it would not let me. Can anyone help??
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  1. 1) Windows home premium what? XP? Vista? 7? This is actually relevant for the answer; patches take up a lot of space.
    2) Can you tell us what Windirstat found in terms of large directories?
    3) In your windows directory, are there a hundred directories with names like $NtUnistallKB123456? If so, these are there to rollback all of the patches you have ever applied, and can be removed if it is done carefully. http://users.beagle.com.au/alvian/remove_winupd_backup.html
    4) Do you have hibernate enabled? How big is your swap file? Look for large hidden files in c:\
    5) 30 GB isn't that large for an OS partition for OSes above XP.

    6) Here's what I would do, after going over the output of windirstat (which I would be happy to do with you). BACKUP THE WHOLE DRIVE FIRST. Download the free version of EASEUS partition manager, shrink your data partition on the left by 10 GB, and then expand your OS partition into those 10 GB.

    Let us know how it goes.
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