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GTX 570 Twin Frozr III Overclock Question

What is a good, safe overclock for the TFIII 570? I would prefer not to adjust voltages too much. Im thinking around 800-820 Mhz?
What about temps?

HAF 932
i5 2500k
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  1. You need find your self that, all components overclock different and response different to settings change.
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    Raise use afterburner 800 - 820 (default voltage 0.988v) and Temperature will safelly at 60C ( some people had bad air flow ran at 64C) at fulload benchmark / test stabillity. It will fine and safe.

    ~MAX Overclock with original voltage MSI 570 TFIII~
    Clocks: 840/2000, Core Voltage: 0.988v , Avg. FPS: 58.5, Max temp: 61C, Max Fan Speed (Auto): 56%

    I saw some people oc it at 870/1750/2000 with voltage 1.075v and fan speed at 75%.

    Also In revew it can potensial increase 20% I think that need raise voltage and raise fan at 99% .. Wow noise. And risky to get artifact.
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