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Hi guys, im well aware how raid 1 works, and how to set it up and all. now, my question is not intended for ANY illegal purposes, and ill im trying to know is an answer to my curiousness. If i was to set up a raid 1 array, and install windows 7 on it( meaning its installed actually on both drives) would I have TWO working windows 7 hard drives? example I would break the raid combo, use one Hard drive on my computer and one on my parents computer, would that make two fully-working windows 7? is it illegal?
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  1. The windows installation is rather dependant on the motherboard being used so unless they are using the same system or something incredibly similar the second computer might run into issues.

    That aside, the licence is for one machine; not for one hard drive. So doing this would be in violation of the licensing and therefore illegal.
  2. kk thx!
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