Video card causing bluescreen of death at start-up

well i have been having this problem with my PC. I got win7 like a month ago and it was going pretty well. Just last week i got a new second monitor a 22 in dell and it was fine i ran dual monitors before with a 19 in with no problems. Now is when things started to go downhill. I was just surfing the web one day and suddenly my screens went black. I was like wtf for like 5 seconds then everything reappeared with a windows error box saying windows has just recovered from a Nvidia driver failure. I was like ok... i thought nothing of it but the next day when i turned on my computer i got a screen with red lines through it everything loads until it gets to the windows icon and then, boom blue screen of death. I then tried every single repair windows option. with nothing working. Even put in my old hdd witch has windows xp. still blue screen of death. Now i know you may be wondering why i did not try safe mode. See i have some unsigned drivers for my ipod on my pc so I have to click f8 at start up to chose disable driver reinforcement. If I do not my mouse and keyboard do not work. I can only run one f8 command so if i chose safe mode i will not be able to use any mice or keyboards. So that's my predicament now if anyone has any clue how I can fix this that would be great. I have one 7600gt on my PC right now. Is a video card problem probably but i have no way to fix it...
Thank you in advance
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  1. if anyone has any clue what is going on please let me know. I am thinking about just getting a new card if there is nothing i can do to save this one but im not sure if that will fix it. any ideas at all would be a big help thanks.
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