AMD Turion x2 dual core or INTEL centrino dual core?

I am getting a new notebook soon but do not know whether to choose AMD Turion x2 dual core RM-75 or INTEL centrino dual core T4200.Gaming is not my priority but i am looking for a smooth and durable processor. I need help on this matter and any good advice will be appreciated.
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  1. Both are good,if other specs are the same go for the Intel model because its better in power savings
  2. The AMD model is probably coupled with AMD780 (radeon 3200) or better chipset. While not as good on power than Intel, it offer much more power for light gaming or movie watching, especially if your notebook has a bluray optical drive.

    I just got a cheap Acer with an AMD cpu and chipset and I'm plenty satisfied with, especially for some light gaming.
  3. Well as i said it depends on the other specs too
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