How to test whether system is correctly working or not


my pc is a

q6700 cpu at 2.4
ati 4890
4 gb ddr 667 hyperx kingston
gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3R

and i believe something is bottlenecking my system...
when i play css i never get above 250 fps, that is not a problem since someone told me eye wont tell the difference between 120 fps and 600 fps, but the problem is that somethings it goes like 70 fps and i do tell the difference, and i get very irritated since i play with people that has geforce 8600 and 9800 cards and they get the same or higher fps.....
Nevertheless the ati 4890 fan is almost inaudible so i guess the card doesnt push itself at all... and thats good,,as far as it gives a good performance...

if i have 150 - 120 fps in css, in crysis problably i will have 20? or smg like that?.,..... thnx in advantage

i would like how can i test whether is giving its right performance or not

it could be that the pc is not powerful enough so the computer doesnt work at full load?
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  1. I never really got into CSS, but if I remember correctly, it isn't optimized for multi-core CPUs since it's an older title. are your friends with the weaker GPUs running systems that have higher CPU clocks per core? My desktop is pushing 3 years old now, and I had the choice of going with a lower clocked quad core, or a cheaper core 2 duo with a higher clock. I went with the higher clock since my rig was meant for gaming, and it still does a fair job with new games.

    Are you really running 4GB of DDR 667? you should really go up to DDR2 800, after rebate, manufacturers are almost paying you to use DDR2 800 modules now. Just make sure your board supports it but I think it should. Also, check your hard drive performance. Since your slow downs don't happen all the time, it might be related to your hard drive throughput while you game.
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