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Do Latex Gloves lower the Risk of Static to PC Hardware?

Yesterday I was blowing the dust out of my PC. When I was done I proceeded to stick my ram back into the motherboard. After booting up I noticed that my pc was a little slower. When i checked everything i found out that i fried 2 of my sticks and I'm sure it was static. I don't know how this happened because i'm sure I was grounded. This really concerns me because i'm building a gaming PC before i leave for college and I would go crazy if more ram, a video card, or even the motherboard suffers the same fate. My question is, will latex gloves lower the risk of this happening? If not what kind of glove or what other precautions should I consider?
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    theoretically it should, but I've never really tested it out. with all the sharp pointy bits inside computers though, it isn't too hard to get a small break in the latex, and that would negate part of the reason you were wearing gloves in the first place. I've always just touched the PSU metal casing while the PC was off, but still plugged in. This discharges any built up charge. If you're really worried about static, get an anti static wrist band, and connect it to your PC case while you work on it. They only cost about $3-6 I think, and are more convenient than gloves.
  2. I was thinking of wearing latex gloves for a new build I'm about to start just to keep the oils/acids off the parts. Anyone else do this?
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