Graphics jargon plz help

i do know most of the lingo used in gfx but i have a few questions still, i know about AA,AFand about the stuff on a gfx card but

what is MSAA and SSAA?

if i try googling them i get strange organizations so please provide some definitions

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    ^ lol. :P

    MSAA - multisampling anti-aliasing
    SSAA - supersampling anti-aliasing
  2. what is "sampling"?
  3. Sampling simply refers to what you're basing your anti-aliasing on. In the case of supersampling, you're just taking the whole image (or frame) and then averaging out the colors between frames to create a feeling of smoothness. Multi-sampling actually finds pixels in polygons to fix without having to render an entire screen (several times).

    Supersampling is extremely graphic intense, where as multisampling is less so. Multisampling is prone to leave behind artifacts and aliasing due to its selectivity.

    And that's as much as I know. Can I use my chance/call a friend card now?

    Google searches:
  4. Here's another article you may find interesting in your research, apologies if you've seen it already.
  5. This is quite in depth but does explain it all properly

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