Gigabyte gama78gm long beeps post

Firstly im posting from my phone. Excuse the grammar.

Tried to install a new fan in my rig earlier. Went to turn on the pc and all i get is continuous long beeps. With about a 5 sec pause between. Manual says vga isnt seated properly. All fans turn on. I cant get to bios. Blank screen.

I have stripped it to the bare minimum and still just beeps.

I removed the mb battery for about 15 minutes. Does it need to be longer to reset cmos?

Phenom 2 x4 940
500w antec earthwatts
4g gskill ram
Sapphire 4830

Not sure what to do now.
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  1. Try resaeting the video card and RAM. If that doesn't work, try a different video card and 1 DIMM RAM in slot 1.
  2. Tried reseating everything with no luck. Sadly dont have another card to try.
  3. You might try reinstalling the CPU heatsink fan. Those beeps could be related. Be sure to use a small amount of thermal paste and do not get the paste into the socket or on the CPU pins.
  4. Problem solved. Rearranged the ram for umpteenth time and it booted perfectly. Strange considering I didn't touch the ram from the get-go. Thanks for the help.
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