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Slow Log on for single user account on multi-account system

I would appreciate any help identifying the cause of extremely slow log on times for a user account on our family laptop. The machine is running Windows 7 - 64-bit version, and currently has 3 users accounts 2 admin and 1 regular. The regular account has begun to experience log on times that last for minutes (The Welcome splash screen prior to log on screen), while the admin accounts have no problems. I have seen other posts regarding slow log on times, but I haven't seen those which address the issue for a specific user account. Again I would be grateful for some good advice in sorting this out.

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  1. If there isn't much information on the regular user account - I would just completely delete the user profile and try to create a new one.

    Log in as administrator:

    Right click on Start

    Select open Windows explorer

    Go to your C drive

    Go to your "Documents and settings"

    Right click on the Regular user account, and delete it. Note: If someone has logged in and logged out with the regular user account, it will be locked from deletion until you restart.

    This only deletes the user's profile. Not the actual account.

    Once this is done, have the regular user account log back in - and this should re-create their user profile.

    This solution would probably be easiest as going through everything else could be time consuming.
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    Add-ons, startup programs, corrupt registry for the user, many items on the desktop, fancy wallpaper, there are probably other things that can cause longer logon times. I would not even bother to delete the account as above, just create a new one to use, see if it runs normally. Then keep this one clean. You can use the admin accounts to copy documents over to the new account if you like.
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  4. Thanks for the replies, I resolved my issue by creating a new profile and moving files from a duplicate of the old slow profile.
    While attempting to delete the slow profile there was a file that kept the process from completing properly, windows kept saying it was in use. It turned out to be a file linked to the Windows Media Player. This file was not part of the transfer, so I have no way of knowing if it was the source of the trouble.
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