Selecting a Graphics card, please help!

Hello again,

I have $800 to spread accross:
1. heatsink
2. graphics card or cards
3. power supply

Current specs:
1. Cooler Master Storm Sniper case
2. Core i7 920
3. EVGA X-58 Mobo (tri-sli)
4. Corsair Dominator X6 Gig

I am having trouble pulling the trigger on the Graphics card/s and Heat sink.

I have pretty much decided that i want to go with the Corsair 1000 watt modular PSU. Est cost - $200-$230

I will mostly game with it, but may eventually use it for some business applications. Can someone help me out please?

Thanks in advance :)
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  1. Hi...
    First decide on the graphics card and then finalize on the correct PSU for it...

    And you might want to reconsider spending that much money on graphics card right now as ATI will be launching the newer DirectX 11 cards by September and Nvidia by this year end...

    So for now get a single powerful card like the HD 4890/ GTX 275, which are suffice for playing games @ resolutions upto 1920X1200...and then upgrade later...
  2. Heatsink - It depends on what overclock you are aiming for...
    If upto 3.8GHz, then here are few options...
    1. Xig Dark knight
    2. Scythe mugen 2
    3. Sunbeam CCTF 120MM + 1366 retention bracket

    If you want to touch 4GHz(though there wont be much performance improvement over 3.8GHz and reaching 4GHz would depend more on the chip - Preferably D0 stepping), then
    Any of these coolers with 2 fans in Push-Pull config
    1. TRUE
    2. Noctua
    3. Scythe Mugen 2
    4. Sunbeam CCTF
  3. Awesome, thanks for the info!
  4. I have never Oc'd before. Ive been looking into the forums. I may attempt a mild OC. Nothing major though. You mentioned "True", that is the best?
  5. Actually all the above coolers do a very good job cooling the CPU till 3.8GHz...
    But above that speed, the coolers like the TRUE aka Thermalright Ultra-120 eXtreme 1366 RT does little better...

    But as you have stated nothing major, then stick with the Xig Dark Knight...
    It looks good, is comparitively easier to install and performs well too...
  6. Mention your Monitor resolution.

    Corsair 1000 watt modular PSU is an overkill for most of the rigs. A Nice 850watt will do good.

    Get some cheap gfx card for now.As gkay09 stated GTX 275 would be very good for high resolution.
  7. Samsung 56" HD Rear projection DLP for streaming video and HP F2105 for gaming.
  8. Yes, I'll hold off on the Graphics card for now, and use what I have.
    The reason for the 1000 W is that my mobo has tri sli, and i wanted room for expansion and have plenty of power. At one point i thought about getting 3 295's but that would be insane for me to do haha...

    Thanks for the pointers!
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