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Here is my system
Dell xps630i - built in feb 2009
-Intel Q6600 @2.6 cpu
-4 Gigs 800 mhz ram
-nVidia 280GTX video card
-500 gig 7k rpm HD
-750 watt power supply
-windows vista 64 bit dx10

Here is my problem....
My brother has virtually identical hardware, except his video card is an 8800gtx and he is running windows xp sp2. We play MMORPGS together and have noticed a serious problem with my frame rate compared to his. My system is certainly equal to or greater than his in all ways. However, he consistantly gets 20-30 more frames per second than I do. We use the same graphics setting, looking in the same direction etc.... It does not make sense.

I checked my drivers, and it appears they are all up to date. I have cleaned my registry, defragged, checked for viruses etc. My power supply should be sufficient. I can't find any fragmented old video drivers... I just don't get it. I set the game/programs I am useing to windows xp sp2 compatibility mode, and that didn't help either. While playing world of warcraft, I was barely able to get 60 FPS in the wild, and 20 fps in dalaran. On my dated system from 2006 I was getting 60fps at all times.

We are playing a new game now called AION online, and it is the same thing. My system should be atleast up to par with my brothers lesser system... and he is still averageing 20 fps more than me.

What could possibly be causing this problem? After intense google searching and ripping my hair out... I just don't get it? The only conclusion I have come to is that it is Windows Vista 64 bit? Could it be a setting in my bios? perhaps there are drivers I am not aware of that must be updated? PCI mobo stuff?

As a test I installed a 9800gtx and my performance in game went up to my brothers level of performance.... however... about 5 minutes later it dropped to exactly what it was on my 280gtx. My cpu and ram maxed out at 46% and 57%.

ANY advice, tips, suggestions, thoughts are more than welcome, please help me! I am more than willing to answer any and all questions regarding the matter. Thanks
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  1. I play Wow myself and have fought the battle you are in...

    Are you playing in the same house?
    Could a connection / speed be an issue? (wireless/wired)

    I've read that people with the i7 processors get better performance from the 200 series cards, that may be false, I dont know for sure.
    It could be that you dont have enough juice pumping from your PSU, or a problem with your memory possibly.
    Just some ideas.

    In my case it was my memory and I bumped up my internet signal to 15mb.

    That card should out perform 8800's anyday.. Hope I helped :)
  2. I feel your pain! I'm running a 920 i7 and have seen my fps dwindle around the game and especially in Dalaran. I get around 20 frames as well. Running a BFG 275 GTX with 896MB of RAM. When I first built the PC everything was ok but now it's just depressing. I notice that one of my Raptors, I believe it to be one of them, is making a lot of read/write noise and its brand spanking new. I can't troubleshoot which one it is since my EVGA motherboard blew up on me! Note to all: don't buy EVGA motherboards. I wish I had stuck with Asus or MSI/Gigabyte for that matter. Other stats that are relevant are: 6 GB of RAM, 850 watt Corsair PSU, XP 32 bit SP3, 25" Samsung monitor.
  3. What happen to your EVGA board, one bad board doesn't make all of EVGA boards bad.
  4. Is there a way to make my power supply give my video card more juice? 750 watts for a 9800 gtx should be more than enough to max its potential right? I only have 1 HD and 1 optical drive. I can't see anything really hogging power from it. But I'm willing to try ANYTHING lol. This is so frustrating after spending so much money. Thanks for the replys, I'm glad to atleast see that I am not alone :(

    How can I test my memory?

    Me and my brother are in different states, we communicate with ventrillo. I have lived at two different addresses since this has been happening, good low latency internet connection. excellent up and down speeds.

    I am convinced that there is a driver that I'm just not thinking of, or vista blows.

    Some people are content with 30 fps a second, and literally can't seem to tell the difference between that and high 50s+. I beyond any doubt can tell by the smoothness and fluidity. It is driving me insane.

    Thanks to everyone for replying so far.
  5. not sure if this setting would matter but the bios on my gigabyte 775 has a setting for pci or peg video card(peg=pci express)--it also has settings to mess with the video cards transfer speeds and memory timings- my computer wont boot if i set it to peg because i think i installed win 7 rc 64 bit with the setting on pci grafix --its a280gtx pci-e so it should boot on peg- hope that helps
  6. one more thought--do you have a setting in your bios or graffix software that turns down the voltage to the card if it reaches a certain temp? mine did- i disabled it
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